Networking with Command & Conquer (Kane Edition)

How to get two computers to play a Networked game

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nherriot Samedi 6 Mars 2010 à 18:50

Hi PlayOnLinux,

I've got two Linux computers (Ubuntu 9.10) running with Wine 1.2 and playing Command & Conquer - Kane edition.

I want to know how to get both computers to play a networking game. If I create a game on one machine, I can see it in the others game editor. I can even chat with the other player! But I cant join the game! :-( ..... Been googling for a while now, but can't find how to get past this! :-( ....

I read on older versions you need IPX networking, but since I can chat and see a game being created from a different machine I figure that Networking must be working?!
The only error I get from a terminal screen is:

fixme:ole:CoGetClassObject CLSCTX_REMOTE_SERVER not supported

Anybody got any advice as to how I can fix this?

By the way, the play-on-linux site is brilliant! Looks I can finally cut my ties with MS sooner that I thought! :-)

Kind regards, Nicholas

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