A PlayOnLinux script for Roblox

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matthewbauer Lundi 26 Avril 2010 à 6:11

I made (2010) a PlayOnLinux script for Roblox.

It took a lot longer than I thought to make it, but now it works!

Since both the Gecko browser and the IE6 browser mess up in Roblox, the app asks you for a usrename, password, and place id as a work around. It does not use the POL_SetupWindow_make_shortcut function.

For direct link:

# Date : (2010-04-24 20-47)
# Last revision : (2010-04-24 20-47)
# Wine version used : 1.1.43
# Distribution used to test : Arch Linux
# Author : Matthew Bauer
# License : GPLv3
# Depend :

[ "$PLAYONLINUX" = "" ] && exit 0

source "$PLAYONLINUX/lib/sources"

scriptauthor="Matthew Bauer"

appversion="$(curl -s "http://setup.$basesite/version.txt" | cut -f2 -d '-')" # this gets Roblox version as if it was the real thing
appcreator="the Roblox Corporation"


POL_SetupWindow_presentation "$appname" "$appcreator" "http://www.$basesite/" "$scriptauthor" "$appname"

select_prefix "$REPERTOIRE/wineprefix/$appname/"

Set_OS "winxp"
Set_Managed "On"
#Set_GLSL "On"
Set_DXGrab "On"

POL_SetupWindow_pulsebar "Installing applications with winetricks" "Installing"

cd "$REPERTOIRE/ressources/"
#downloading winetricks
if [ "`sha1sum < winetricks | sed 's/ .*//'`" != "244c9a9fa501c61d99c2ab90c3434dfe9ec7ce74" ]; then
wget --output-document=winetricks

# A lot of this probably isn't needed but I'll clean it up once we get this working
POL_SetupWindow_pulse "1"
bash winetricks -q pdh
POL_SetupWindow_pulse "10"
bash winetricks -q wininet
POL_SetupWindow_pulse "20"
bash winetricks -q d3dx9
POL_SetupWindow_pulse "30"
bash winetricks -q gecko
#bash winetricks -q ie6
POL_SetupWindow_pulse "40"
bash winetricks -q msxml3
POL_SetupWindow_pulse "50"
bash winetricks -q gdiplus
POL_SetupWindow_pulse "60"
bash winetricks -q wsh56
POL_SetupWindow_pulse "80"
bash winetricks -q urlmon
POL_SetupWindow_pulse "100"

cd "$REPERTOIRE/tmp"

POL_SetupWindow_download "Roblox.exe (the installer)" "$appname" "http://setup.$basesite/$setup"

POL_SetupWindow_pulsebar "Running $appname setup file. Feel free to close the browser that comes up." "Installing..."
#wine $setup -q
wine $setup
case $status in
*) POL_SetupWindow_message "The error: $status has occured during installing." "Error installing...";;
POL_SetupWindow_pulse "100"

cp $REPERTOIRE/wineprefix/$appname/drive_c/windows/system32.\\
{mscoree,ddraw,shfolder,mlang,rsaehn,imagehlp,wined3d,localspl,spoolss,uxtheme,imm32,pdh,comdlg32,WINHTTP,winspool,OPENGL32}.dll winex11.drv "$REPERTOIRE/wineprefix/$appname/drive_c/Program Files/${appname}Versions/version-$appversion"

POL_SetupWindow_download "GlobalSettings_4.xml (patched version of settings)" "GlobalSettings_4.xml" ""

POL_SetupWindow_pulsebar "Changing Roblox settings for users..." "Changing..."
for robloxdir in $REPERTOIRE/wineprefix/$appname/drive_c/users/*
cp "download.php" "$robloxdir/Local Settings/Application Data/Roblox/GlobalSettings_4.xml"
POL_SetupWindow_pulse "100"

#POL_SetupWindow_textbox "What is your username at" "Roblox username" "guest"
#POL_SetupWindow_textbox "What is your password at" "Roblox password" ""

#Generate Cookies with Curl?
POL_SetupWindow_pulsebar "Generating Cookie files..." "Cookies"
POL_SetupWindow_pulse "1"
[ ! -x $REPERTOIRE/wineprefix/Roblox/cookies ] && \\
curl -s -c $REPERTOIRE/wineprefix/Roblox/cookies -d username="`zenity --title='Roblox' --text='Username:' --entry`" -d password="`zenity --title='Roblox' --text='Password:' --hide-text --entry`" "" > /dev/null
POL_SetupWindow_pulse "100"

#Generate joinScriptUrl?
#joinScriptUrl="$(curl -s -b /tmp/roblox -H "Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8" -d '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><soap:Envelope xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:soap=""><soap:Body><RequestGame xmlns=""><placeId>'$3'</placeId></RequestGame></soap:Body></soap:Envelope>' | sed -n 's|.*<joinScriptUrl>\\([^<]*\\)</joinScriptUrl>.*|\\1|p')"

#POL_SetupWindow_make_shortcut "$appname" "Program Files/${appname}Versions/version-$appversion" "$setup" "" "$appname" "" "-browser -q"
#POL_SetupWindow_make_shortcut "$appname" "Program Files/${appname}Versions/version-$appversion" "$setup" "" "$appname" "" ""
#-play "$joinScriptUrl"

wget -O $REPERTOIRE/configurations/installed/Roblox ''
sed -i 's/\\r//g' $REPERTOIRE/configurations/installed/Roblox
chmod +x $REPERTOIRE/configurations/installed/Roblox


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mehtuus Lundi 22 Février 2016 à 14:08

I see this script was coded six years ago. Anyone have luck with this now (2016)? What version of wine should be used in POL for Roblox?

jelabarre Mardi 19 Février 2019 à 21:07

Obviously no longer usable 9 years later. 

And the so-called "support" droids at Roblox think it will still work under Wine.  Well, no problem.  Next time I have to re-install my daughter's computer, it won't get a MSWin partition.  SO no more Roblox.  No loss.

Dadu042 Jeudi 19 Décembre 2019 à 20:32

2019, test reports (even with Wine 4.21) are very bad on .

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