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tituz Mercredi 19 Mai 2010 à 11:04

Hi... I'm new on playonlinux and I would like to know if the installation of play on linux could increase the risk of taking virus... thank you! :D
Quentin PÂRIS Samedi 22 Mai 2010 à 20:37
Quentin PÂRIS

Windows viruses can be theorically run with POL, but it will not be as annoying on windows for several reasons :

- Some "features" of the virus will not work
- Virus will not be able to infect your linux system. It will infect your wineprefix, which can be deleted very easily

Dr Phil Samedi 22 Mai 2010 à 21:51
Dr Phil

And the most important thing, if you are using Windows you could get a virus by just surfing the web.
Any such virus will not work on PlayOnLinux.

(Using any linuxprogram can not give you windows-viruses, for example, you can't get windows-viruses by surfing the web with firefox.)
tituz Mercredi 26 Mai 2010 à 16:53

thank you guys!
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