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Emperio Lundi 31 Mai 2010 à 21:00

Hello everybody. My OS is Ubuntu 10.04 (GNOME), when I launch at PlayOnLinux NBA 2K10, in the final stage of the installation nothing happens. When I self tried to launch setup.exe I getting an error: "Access Denied" what is it? And how to fix it? I'm trying install from .mdf image.

(Sorry my English is bad.)
NSLW Mardi 1 Juin 2010 à 14:31

When it says access denied then it means that you've got no rights to access it.
Emperio Mercredi 2 Juin 2010 à 1:09

I know, but where I can get this rights? What option I have to use?
Ok, if on this question haven't answers, I'll try play in an other game that works at PlayOnLinux.
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