Terminal wine commands for prefix

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Ashi Mardi 8 Juin 2010 à 12:46

I'm trying to sort out how to give specific commands to each individual prefix via Xterm. In this instance, I'm attempting to install/run winetricks in the prefix for Dragon Age ( ~/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/Dragon\\ Age ).

Normally, the command would simply be wget ... (etc) and then sh winetricks. Xterm does the rest. In this instance, I need to install and run winetricks under that specific prefix, without affecting the rest of the system.

I'm running Ubuntu Karmic (9.10) x86 on a Sony Vaio (I don't think hardware matters much in this instance tho :P)
NSLW Mardi 8 Juin 2010 à 15:56

env WINEPREFIX="PATHTOWINEPREFIX" sh winetricks something
Ashi Mardi 8 Juin 2010 à 20:57

That did it. Thanks ^.^