Help installing pre-installed game and pre-patched wine

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Peter7K Lundi 28 Juin 2010 à 0:15

Hello. I'm running a laptop with Ubuntu Karmic Koala 10.04, in Gnome.

Prior to a few days ago, I utilized Wine for playing Warcraft III, The Frozen Throne. It worked great. However, recently, League of Legends has released opengl support, allowing me to play that with my friends (hopefully).

That thread shows how it can be done, via two patches of wine and installation of some extras. So I uninstalled my current, latest version of wine (1.2 beta I believe it was), because to install League of Legends, I had to patch the source and then compile it myself. Along with uninstalling Wine, of course, went all things dependent on it, such as music programs that rely on Wine to use (such as VeSTige to use VST plugins (windows sound synths and things of that nature)).

So now, I'm afraid I may need to start from scratch. I need to re-compile the new wine I installed because for some reason, League of Legends still cannot yet connect to their server (you can see on page 14 of the thread, I am DrCarter). Someone there suggested I come here for support, and it looks like PlayOnLinux can provide the exact features that I need. Warcraft III no longer runs because the patched version of Wine screws it up apparently ("Couldn't open Game.dll.")

So now, where do I go? I don't know how to install a self-compiled version of wine and have PlayOnLinux see/register that version. I don't know how to install Warcraft III because I do not have the CDs for Warcraft, I merely have a downloader from the website. However, it is already installed in my system in the original Wine's C:/ drive, is there a way to copy those files over to the .playonlinux folder and have it register that as having been installed in a copy of wine that is the 1.2 beta untouched version?

Ultimately I'm looking to accomplish three things:
1. Have a version of Wine that works with other things dependent on it (preferably 1.2) such as VeSTige.
2. Have Warcraft III utilize that version of Wine and work properly.
3. Have League of Legends installed and use the other, self-compiled and patched version of Wine.

Thank you all so much for your time. I apologize for my noobishness, I just do not know where to start.