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stackdaddy Dimanche 14 Novembre 2010 à 23:32

I had a lot of audio and other problems when trying to use PlayOnLinux with most of my games. I found that installing them under my normal non POL did not have these issues. One of the biggest problems I had was that none of my POL wine versions supported Pulseaudio for some reason, I manually installed the driver (and edited the registry to "pulse" and still nothing would allow me to use it. I eventual created a new wine version in my POL folder and simply copied my working (32bit wine) to the newly created folder and all of a sudden I was able to use all the features that my normal wine install could use. Pulseaudio for me has always worked better, I have never had pops or cracks in my audio because of it and I would love to know why it is not supported in any of the POL wine versions I download (and I'm positive that I'm doing something wrong, but it does all work now).
GNU_Raziel Lundi 15 Novembre 2010 à 1:44

Just set SoundHardwareAcceleration to Emulation in winecfg and sound will work, even with PulseAudio enabled.

We do not enable pulseaudio support in our build because many GNU/Linux distributions do not use it...POL need to work for all, not just Ubuntu users.

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stackdaddy Lundi 15 Novembre 2010 à 2:31

Thanks for the reply, I only need it because of a not so great setup on my part (Fedora btw) but at least now I understand, and otherwise POL is great!

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ruudschmahinda Mercredi 19 September 2012 à 21:56

If I open winecfg it won't give me the option to set SoundHardwareAcceleration to Emulation in the Audio-Tab. That's with wine 1.4 and up. So how would I want to do that?
petch Mercredi 19 September 2012 à 23:36

In Wine 1.4 you have no choice, sound subsystem has been rewritten and you only have the equivalent of Emulation.

If you're interested in pulseaudio support, there's a feature request open:

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