Free Steam Team Fortress 2 Not working

I just downloaded it via steam and it won't work

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wodddkf Dimanche 26 Juin 2011 à 2:15

- Name of the distribution (and its version)
Ubuntu 11.04

- Name of the software and its version (ex: Wine 0.9.37)
Wine 1.2.2
Latest Stable PlayOnLinux 3.8.12
- Your desktop (KDE, Gnome, Xfce, Fluxbox...)

- Errors from the software. And if possible, tell when and/or where it happens.
When I try to install tf2 using the installer, I get this error on the step where I have to press yes to run tf2 atleast once.

Even if I finish the configuration and then try to launch the game, I get the same error

Your computer configuration.
I have i5 with 8gb ram and 2x1tb harddrives, NVIDIA graphics card with 1.5gb memory