[WARNING] What about nocd cracks, keygen, iso... ?

Rules you have to respect and information you have to know !

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Shai Lundi 5 Novembre 2007 à 23:18

I hereby inform PlayOnLinux scripters and users that PlayOnLinux:

Does not share illegal content, which allow people to play a game by breaking securities (for exemple: nocd cracks).
Does not support its use.
Does not host it.

PlayOnLinux disclaims all liability in case of illegal software use with the PlayOnLinux script.

Any PlayOnLinux version adapted by someone who is not a member of the PlayOnLinux Official Team, which is not under the GPL license version 3, is not considered our product. The PlayOnLinux team disclaims all responsability in case of offenses.

Users are responsible for their actions, which means:

USERS ARE RESPONSIBLE for their use of PlayOnLinux.
USERS HAVE TO respect the law of their country while using PlayOnLinux.
USERS ARE NOT ALLOWED to linkto sites that share illegal contents.

Anybody who does not respect these rules on PlayOnLinux, its forum, its IRC or elsewhere will be banned.

Users are allowed to inform other users that a game will not work without the use of a crack.

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