Porting OBSE for oblivion mac

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trc5784 Mardi 23 Aoüt 2011 à 5:53

I know that oblivion has already been ported. But some of the best mods in oblivion require OBSE (oblivion script extender), which requires a .exe that launches a menu to get the program running and install mods. I was wondering if it would be possible to port OBSE, considering I found a port for OBMM.
Quentin PÂRIS Mardi 23 Aoüt 2011 à 9:27
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

It will probably work with "Install a non-listed program"
bigben932 Vendredi 5 September 2014 à 1:51

I know this is a few years late and a dead topic, but here is the solution.


1. In terminal disable to hidden library folder: (you need to do this to browse to the folder)

sudo chflags nohidden /Library/ ~/Library/
2.Copy the obse files directly to /"username"/library/playonmac/wineprefix/TheElderscrolls4_oblivion/drive_c/Program Files/Bethesda Softworks/Oblivion
3. Open playonmac,   Highlight oblivion and choose "Configure" on the Left side in the option menu
4. Go to the miscellaneous Tab
5. Then choose the option: Run a .exe file in the virtual drive,  And navigate to the Oblivion folder where you dropped the OBSE files,   NOTE: Make sure the OBSE_loader.exe is in the same directory as oblivion.exe, and all the other OBSE files.
Run the Exe and this should then work.
You may want to create a shortcut, but I haven't done this yet. I am opening obse_loader.exe every time I want to play oblivion and have not taken the time to see if I can create a shortcut for this.
I updated this forum post as I have not found another post anywhere on the net fixing this problem. I have seen others having the same issue on various wine forums.
Note: I have not confirmed mods using obse work. But it should. I will try to update this post once I can confrim, But I might not update this post even after confriming on my own, just as a disclaimer.
This should be similar to playonLinux as well
cheers and good luck.

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