Oblivion download (activate/authorize issue)

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amlev Mardi 23 Aoüt 2011 à 18:06


I've just downloaded and installed my copy of Elder Scroll Iv: Oblivion with no issues in POM but when I try launching the game it opens a window with HTML for an authorization form, instead of the form itself. Has anyone been able to activate a downloaded (not DVD) version of Oblivion on POM?

Thanks a lot.


GNU_Raziel Lundi 29 Aoüt 2011 à 8:36

You can't, wine do not handle it. You will have to "bypass" activation, using modified exe file.

Since european laws are crystal clear about that, we cannot help you with this,you will have to find it yourself.

Basically, wine do not handle DRMs and activation's processes, you always need to bypass them.