Unable to run local script

Tools->Run local script

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Gustra Lundi 29 Aoüt 2011 à 19:23

I try to run a local script I made using Tools->Run local script, but the window showing the source code is completely empty; no text and no buttons.

I can use the Console to start the script. I had the same problem in the old 3.x version of POL. I am using Ubuntu Natty x64 with the Classic interface.
Daviot Lundi 4 Juillet 2016 à 4:26

Ugh, I hate to perform thread necromancy, but I'm having the same issue.  I wanted to dabble in scripting, but being unable to test anything is a major roadblock.

On Tools->Run a Local Script, I get the wizard, then the "Choose a valid PlayOnLinux scrip to run" screen.  I can select a script, and then get the warning about the invalid signature.  It then goes to the "Here [sic] the source code of the script.  Check it carefully." screen.

However, on hitting "I Agree" and Next, it closes the window...and does nothing.  I've even checked it by copying official install scripts to .bash files and the same thing occurs, with the installer never coming up. frown

As well, I see mumblings about being able to run local scripts from the console, but I can't find the syntax of how to do so, either on the Wiki or on the forums. indecision

I'm using PoL 4.2.10 on Linux Mint 18 (which uses Ubuntu 16 LTS as its base).