Crysis 2 won't start

Have retail DVD and Serial code

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chezzo333 Vendredi 16 September 2011 à 4:30

I have installed Crysis 2 more than once, updated to 1.9, and tried with and without a no-cd crack. It will not start. No message saying my video card is not supported. Nothing. I waited for 30 minutes. I tried different cracks. None worked. Can I get any help?
GNU_Raziel Vendredi 16 September 2011 à 8:49

The fact is, with wine, only Nvidia cards (GF8 or better) make high-end games like Crysis 2 running good. (because only Nvidia provide a really good driver under GNU/Linux)

So if you have an ATI/AMD card or an Intel one, you will face this kind of problem. We cannot solve this issue, it's wine related.
chezzo333 Samedi 17 September 2011 à 1:41

I do have an Nvidia card.
GNU_Raziel Samedi 17 September 2011 à 11:27

Now this is strange then...

What is your graphic card model ?
chezzo333 Dimanche 18 September 2011 à 21:30

nVidia 320m
Quentin PÂRIS Dimanche 18 September 2011 à 21:49
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

What PlayOnMac version did you use to install crysis 2 ?
calvita Samedi 22 Octobre 2011 à 17:48

i have the same problem
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