Mass Effect 2 (Steam version)

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Punisher Vendredi 16 September 2011 à 21:50

I installed it with POL and game works but with mouse glitches and with no sound after startup (intro has sound but menus and game does not.)

What can be the problem. I tried changing audio settings in wine to emulation and Alsa but its not working.
GNU_Raziel Samedi 17 September 2011 à 11:30

Try using wine 1.3.28, and, in winecfg, tick the mouse fix option, this should do the trick for mouse problem.

There is no sound problem reported for this game, this is probably due to PulseAudio wrapper, it work very bad with wine, you should think about switching to Alsa sound system.
Punisher Samedi 17 September 2011 à 21:37

I've tried to install 1.3.28 wine through manage wine versions and run it through it but now I cannot see Audio mixer in wine audio settings at all. In the 1.3.23 version audio works in window mode but not full screen :@. In full screen it has error like I said below. BTW I run latest kubuntu with KDE 4.7. I run other games as well in wine with no sound problems only Mass effect has this so I don't think this has something to do with Pulse Audio wrapper. Usually if some game has sound issue on full, emulation works. What do you suggest?
GNU_Raziel Samedi 17 September 2011 à 22:46

I've updated this game installer, try it, it should work now.
Punisher Dimanche 18 September 2011 à 7:42

Now its working great :-) . Thanks. What was the problem?
GNU_Raziel Dimanche 18 September 2011 à 11:38

Too long to explain ^^

Well, I'm glad it work now, enjoy your game :)