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petch Mercredi 30 Novembre 2011 à 21:37

Hi all,
I already talked about those scripts in another thread, but I feel that they're now ready for more testing, and deserve their own thread; So here they are, two scripts to install Outcast ( version), and a hires patch by Zenger for this game.

* Outcast
- installation on top of Wine 1.3.27-rawinput2, so the game can correctly grab the mouse
- english and french support
- create a shortcut for the game and another for its manual (opens the native PDF reader)
- configurator with language selection (files are there but there's no support for language selection in the loader), several standard keyboard layouts (default with arrow keys, and WASD/ZQSD), standard and enhanced graphic settings (based on Entropy's tweaks).

- Outcast hires patch v3
- unzip patch into prefix installed with first script
- add a step in configurator to run the patch (install/uninstall/change settings).
- automatically modify Wine's desktop size to match selected resolution.


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