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realta_taisteal Dimanche 18 Décembre 2011 à 21:30

Now I wonder if it's really the same patch...
Are patches used by POL-compiled Wine packages described somewhere?

Also, I found a copy of wisotool that still had Empire Earth entry in it, but it doesn't seem to do anything special (to native libs, no tweaks)

Quote from petch

Does wistool make it work? I couldn't find much there.

The patch is here(on my list above):

I'v tried wine 1.3.34 and wine 1.3.34_rawinput2. They both have the same bad mouse behavior.

The effect is this(about for x or y):
12" mouse movement-> 1" on screen

Wine changes absolute movement to relative. So, changing the scaling should be the solution in the "mouse.c" wine source code. I'v done programing, but it will take me some time to figure out how it works. The patch code changes specific things related to ABS vs REL mouse positioning. So, it will help to look at it.

I can't see what values the mouse makes. So, I need to print values. Do you know how? Also, adding a registry entry "mouse sensitivity" to make it flexible for any game. I couldn't find anything in wine.

This should be cross-posted elsewhere.

realta_taisteal Jeudi 5 Janvier 2012 à 22:34

I'm making progress on the custom build. I'v figured out the line to patch. Adding a varible will more complex but possible. I'm learning how to compile wine. Once I do, I'll be able patch and test with the EE script.

coxtor Samedi 16 Juin 2012 à 11:36

Any progress here ?
petch Dimanche 2 Février 2014 à 23:33

petch Jeudi 7 Aoüt 2014 à 16:32

The xinput trick seems to work; It'll be hard to automate though, as you have to determine what pointing device should have its profile set to "linear" (or could they all be set temporarily?)

petch Vendredi 8 Aoüt 2014 à 4:41

Here's my best shot:

# Date : (2011-12-14 02-03)
# Last revision : (2014-08-07 04-42)
# Wine version used : 1.7.0
# Distribution used to test : Debian Sid (Unstable)
# Author : Pierre Etchemaite
# Script licence : GPL v.2
# Program licence : Retail
# Depend :

# Wine 1.6.2 and below: some graphic glitches near mouse pointer

[ -z "$PLAYONLINUX" ] && exit 0
source "$PLAYONLINUX/lib/sources"


TITLE=" - Empire Earth: Gold Edition"
SHORTCUT_NAME1="Empire Earth"
SHORTCUT_NAME2="Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest"


POL_SetupWindow_presentation "$TITLE" "Stainless Steel Studios / Rebellion" "$GOGID" "Pierre Etchemaite" "$PREFIX"

POL_Call POL_GoG_setup "$GOGID" "57ef54728c735825e3ae276119b288d4"

POL_Wine_SelectPrefix "$PREFIX"

POL_Call POL_GoG_install

POL_Call POL_install_d3dx9
POL_Call POL_install_directmusic
POL_Call POL_install_vcrun6

#cat <<_EOFINI_ > "$POL_USER_ROOT/tmp/disable_directmusic.reg"
#[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SSSI\Empire Earth]
#"Music Enabled"=dword:00000000
#POL_Wine regedit "$POL_USER_ROOT/tmp/disable_directmusic.reg"
#rm "$POL_USER_ROOT/tmp/disable_directmusic.reg"

# GoG work!?
Set_OS win2k

POL_SetupWindow_VMS "4"

POL_Wine_X11Drv "DXGrab" "Y"
POL_Wine_X11Drv "GrabFullScreen" "Y"

# Doesn't hurt ;)

POL_Shortcut_XInputLinearProfile() {
  local SHORTCUT="$1"
  [ "$POL_OS" = "Mac" ] && return # sorry
  POL_Shortcut_InsertBeforeWine "$SHORTCUT" 'DEVICEIDS="$(xinput list|sed -ne '"'"'s/.*id=\([0-9]\+\).*slave.*pointer.*/\1/p'"'"')"'
  POL_Shortcut_InsertBeforeWine "$SHORTCUT" 'declare -A DEVICEPROFILES'
  POL_Shortcut_InsertBeforeWine "$SHORTCUT" 'for deviceid in $DEVICEIDS; do'
  POL_Shortcut_InsertBeforeWine "$SHORTCUT" '  profile="$(xinput list-props $deviceid|sed -ne '"'"'s/.*Device Accel Profile.*\([0-9]\+\)$/\1/p'"'"')"'
  POL_Shortcut_InsertBeforeWine "$SHORTCUT" '  if [ -n "$profile" ]; then'
  POL_Shortcut_InsertBeforeWine "$SHORTCUT" '    DEVICEPROFILES[$deviceid]=$profile'
  POL_Shortcut_InsertBeforeWine "$SHORTCUT" '    xinput set-prop $deviceid "Device Accel Profile" 6 # linear'
  POL_Shortcut_InsertBeforeWine "$SHORTCUT" '  fi'
  POL_Shortcut_InsertBeforeWine "$SHORTCUT" 'done'
  echo 'for deviceid in $DEVICEIDS; do' >> "$POL_USER_ROOT/shortcuts/$SHORTCUT"
  echo '  [ -n "${DEVICEPROFILES[$deviceid]}" ] && xinput set-prop $deviceid "Device Accel Profile" ${DEVICEPROFILES[$deviceid]}' >> "$POL_USER_ROOT/shortcuts/$SHORTCUT"
  echo 'done' >> "$POL_USER_ROOT/shortcuts/$SHORTCUT"

POL_Shortcut "Empire Earth.exe" "$SHORTCUT_NAME1" "$SHORTCUT_NAME1.png" "" "Game;StrategyGame;"
POL_Shortcut_XInputLinearProfile "$SHORTCUT_NAME1"
POL_Shortcut_QuietDebug "$SHORTCUT_NAME1"

POL_Shortcut_Document "$SHORTCUT_NAME1" "$WINEPREFIX/drive_c/$PROGRAMFILES/ Earth Gold Edition/Empire Earth/Manual.pdf"
# C:/$PROGRAMFILES/ Earth Gold Edition/Empire Earth/technology_tree.pdf
# C:/$PROGRAMFILES/ Earth Gold Edition/Empire Earth/scenario_editor_manual.pdf

POL_Shortcut "EE-AOC.exe" "$SHORTCUT_NAME2" "$SHORTCUT_NAME2.png" "" "Game;StrategyGame;"
POL_Shortcut_XInputLinearProfile "$SHORTCUT_NAME2"
POL_Shortcut_QuietDebug "$SHORTCUT_NAME2"

POL_Shortcut_Document "$SHORTCUT_NAME2" "$WINEPREFIX/drive_c/$PROGRAMFILES/ Earth Gold Edition/Empire Earth - The Art of Conquest/manual_aoc.pdf"
# C:/$PROGRAMFILES/ Earth Gold Edition/Empire Earth - The Art of Conquest/readme.txt
# C:/$PROGRAMFILES/ Earth Gold Edition/Empire Earth - The Art of Conquest/technology_tree_aoc.pdf

exit 0

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