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dlzerocool Lundi 10 Décembre 2007 à 14:19

As you see playonlinux is in most forums pointed as a french website.

As you can see now, that's not more real.
There is a real english part with is one forum and other tools, even news are translated.
And of course PlayOnLinux tool is avaible in english !

But the community is missing... Why ?

Because it's difficult to change minds, please go to your favorite websites when you talk about games, tell everyone about playonlinux.

With a bigger community we will get better support and you will get better scripts

Imagine how much people are using linux and wine whitout playonlinux because they think this is a french tool and so ... not for them.

USA, England, China, Japan, etc.. (And of course all other countrys who don't speak mainly french or english.)

If you are from one of this other countries talk about playonlinux arround you.
This is really needed

Well have fun, and enjoy with PlayOnLinux.

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ryousuke Mardi 11 Décembre 2007 à 1:08

Great post Dlzerocool ! I'm trying to convince some friends from canada but they use windows since their childhood and I think they're afraid to try linux ^^
Ghostofkendo Mardi 11 Décembre 2007 à 14:39

You are absolutely right dlzerocool !
I will talk about it why the rest of the team.

cgizmo Lundi 17 Décembre 2007 à 17:11


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Darkelve Dimanche 8 Juin 2008 à 20:36

How about you contact these guys for an interview?

They are always looking for stuff to talk about and people to interview.
Ante Mardi 11 Novembre 2008 à 18:40

You are right of couse....

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