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S. Chapelin Lundi 9 Avril 2012 à 3:10
S. ChapelinAnonymous

I have Fedora 16 and I have installed POL by clicking on the "PlayOnLinux_yum-3.3.rpm" file, thereby opening the installer.
Problem is: I can't find the file.
When I try to reinstall it, I get the message that it is already installed.
I looked in games. I have wineMine, but no PlayOnLinux.
I also looked in All. Not there.
What to do?
Quentin PÂRIS Jeudi 12 Avril 2012 à 23:53
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

You just have installed our repository. You need to install playonlinux package now
S. Chapelin Dimanche 15 Avril 2012 à 1:34
S. ChapelinAnonymous

Thanks. It worked. I installed Morrowind to try it out.
Even though the disk is in the tray and was detected in the setup, when I want to play, I get the following message:
"Please insert the game disk, select OK and restart the game."
Quentin PÂRIS Dimanche 15 Avril 2012 à 10:10
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

Morrowind needs a no-cd patch to work. We can't get support about this problem
S. Chapelin Dimanche 15 Avril 2012 à 13:26
S. ChapelinAnonymous

Thanks for the response.
How about if I load my cd on my hard disk?
How do the others run it?
Where can I get the patch?
S. Chapelin Dimanche 15 Avril 2012 à 13:33
S. ChapelinAnonymous

Found some patches here:
Please do not give patch adresse here!

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