[Ubuntu 11.10] Unable to install Java in PlayOnLinux

Cannot run Java games

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Drowz0r Jeudi 12 Avril 2012 à 21:03

Hello there

PlayOnLinux is a great piece of software. It seems to run the majority of my games, however there is one genre that evades me. MMORPGs, have a little browser or "pre-launcher" which checks if the game is up to date.

I've worked out how to install flash to make them partially work, but games such as:

DC Universe
Star Trek Online
Realm of the Mad God
Pandora Saga

...and so on

all require Java to be installed for their initial "browser" to function fully.

However, when I attempt to install java...

...through the online version I get this error:

Download failed:

...through the offline (downloadable .exe) version I get this error:

Installer : Wrapper.CreateFile failed with error 3: Path not found.

Does anyone know how to install Java in my PlayOnLinux/Wine Virtual Drive?

Additionally some guides say Internet Explorer needs to be installed. Anyone know how I can achieve this?

Thanks in advance, any direction would be great.

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zoiloultimo Jeudi 21 Juin 2012 à 1:00

HI, 1º install internet explorer 6 and run it. 2º download java stand alone instalation file from internet explorer you are running and execute it. 3ª if you need also download flash and install. Now you are ready to run java applications. At least it work for me.
petch Jeudi 21 Juin 2012 à 10:26

Oracle require license acceptance before download, and broke direct download URLs, so Java cannot be installed automatically anymore, so it was dropped.

schotty Mercredi 11 Juillet 2012 à 3:57

Well how does Crossover do it then? I can do a Java install into any of my bottles. If its a matter of mirroring (most likely), why cant the POL team get permission to do so (or whomever requires the permissions to host/mirror)?
booman Vendredi 9 Aoüt 2013 à 23:28

All you have to do is change your Windows version to Windows XP in Wine Configuration.
Then Java will install.
I've used this method with Drakensang Online and it runs perfectly!

- sorry to revive an old post

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