Fallout new vegas ultimate edition

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kobold Samedi 14 Avril 2012 à 9:16

Hi, in beginning i apologize for my poof english

i've installed fallout new vegas ultimate edition via playonlinux version 4.0.17 and when i press button play it says that game is not installed

i have dvd version of game - dlc are downloaded from steam

i also downloaded whole game via steam - 10 gb of data but still doesn't work

please tell me what to do ?
kobold Samedi 14 Avril 2012 à 17:53

ok i find temporary solution - i have to install steam on wine - with steam installed already on POL and in my system wine fallout start to run

but there is another issue - it starts 5 minutes

there is sound , images switch but there is no user menu - when music ends then menu show up

how to speed that moment ?