Diablo 3 freezes

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lbm_ Jeudi 28 Juin 2012 à 9:16

I have successfully installed D3 with playonlinux.
I can start the game, and use the action house, but when I start a quest / resume a game, the game freezes right away.

I am using latest POL w. wine 1.5.5-diabloIII_v3.

AMD 12.6Beta driver.

Any ideas to what could be wrong? Others have got it working by using the latest AMD driver (of what I can read, from other forum posts).
zedicus Jeudi 28 Juin 2012 à 18:39

the 12.6beta is the latest driver, atleast that i can find.

i have a silmilar issue in diablo 3, wine 1.5.7 works better for me but it still happens some.
lbm_ Jeudi 28 Juin 2012 à 21:59

Yes, it is the latest driver...

I solved it by, increasing the video memory inside playonlinux settings for D3 to 2048 which is max on my graphics card.
Lludw Vendredi 20 Juillet 2012 à 23:54

I seem to have this problem. I have the AMD12.6Beta driver as well. The game will launch but I can not log in. Once the login button is pressed the game locks up and the system has to be rebooted. I have noticed that if I open a web browser and login to before launching D3 in PlayonLinux I can log in and I was able to play sluggishly for a few seconds before locking up. Other wise It just locks up on the character screen after logging in.
klischee8 Dimanche 22 Juillet 2012 à 0:52

well, seems that you dont may run D3 with ATI cards less than 2048MB
vopo Mardi 24 Juillet 2012 à 2:10

i playede it with 256 and 512 ram settings in plo, so why he should not play it?

heres the link to my topic
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