Is really PlayOnLinux Free Software (FLOSS)?

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narcisgarcia Mercredi 4 Juillet 2012 à 10:19

The repository in doesn't include source code packages.

Wine repositories do:
(directories as dists/precise/main/source/ and packages as pool/main/w/wine1.5/wine1.5_1.5.7-0ubuntu4~pulse18.debian.tar.gz)
Quentin PÂRIS Mercredi 4 Juillet 2012 à 10:48
Quentin PÂRIS

Come on! Get a little more informed before complaining!

PlayOnLinux is written in python! It's not a compiled program!
Quentin PÂRIS Mercredi 4 Juillet 2012 à 10:56
Quentin PÂRIS

(That's funny because usually, people who ask this question are not likely to need the code)
petch Mercredi 4 Juillet 2012 à 11:11

There's no requirement in the GPL that the source be available from the same place either, as long as it's clearly documented where they can be found:
narcisgarcia Mercredi 4 Juillet 2012 à 11:37

People who asks this question needs to see that it's Free Software, and the first strange thing someone sees is the APT repository entries proposed, without src (unlike other projects).

If I, as a normal user, look at the "About" dialog in the program, there don't appear the "github" link to sources.

People uses hundreds of programs, and cannot care of each project to have it's own way to get standard information or resources. It's like the "About" option wasn't in the "Help" menu, or the order of comments in this forum was by author instead of by date/time.
Quentin PÂRIS Mercredi 4 Juillet 2012 à 11:51
Quentin PÂRIS

narcisgarcia, PlayOnLinux is not compiled. You are using the source file to run it. It would be silly to make a .deb source package that contains exactly the same thing than the regular package. Nobody do that when the package is independant of the architecture, even debian mainteners.

It's written in the about box that PlayOnLinux is GPLv3, it would be illegal not to offer the sources, so clearly, there is no problem.

Once again, if someone needs the source of PlayOnLinux, they are always able to find them, and usually, people who complain about the absence of the deb source package are not likely to use them.

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narcisgarcia Mercredi 4 Juillet 2012 à 16:26

Here you can see an example of a 100% Python application transparently distributed by the installation package (.deb) and the sources package (.tar.bz2):

(the first item I've searched for)
Quentin PÂRIS Mercredi 4 Juillet 2012 à 16:42
Quentin PÂRIS

Please, please, take a small time to understand what we are trying to explain to you before complaining for nothing.

The link you are mentionning is made by Ubuntu packagers, not by the project itself.

Debian packagers have also made that for PlayOnLinux, it's totally different from a deb-src file

Those kind of page does not contain a deb source file. It only contains the diff between the program packaged by debian and the original program (compulsory according to GPL licence)

... You are mixing everything, these page are not maintened by the creator of the projects and they have no power on it
Quentin PÂRIS Mercredi 4 Juillet 2012 à 16:44
Quentin PÂRIS

Oh! And by the way

Can you explain me clearly what is your problem seriously?