manual installation hangs after installation

please hold on is displayed for ages

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toaster Vendredi 6 Juillet 2012 à 16:30

I'm trying to install the phonostar player (
After I created a new virtual drive and clicked through the windows installation wizard the software seems to install perfectly. After the wizard has finished it displays the dialog "please wait for a moment" and bar is moving and moving but nothing happens.
If I cancel the window after waiting for ages, there's no short cut and if I choose to run the exe-file manually, it doesn't show anything - not even an error message.

Is this a bug or a known error? Anybody had this before and knows how to solve?


rattata Dimanche 26 Aoüt 2012 à 15:57

This has happened to me as well, while trying to install Aeria Games' Eden Eternal. I've tried letting it continue for a long time (over an hour), but nothing happens. If I cancel, I cannot continue.

Hopefully someone will have an answer and, even better, a solution.

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