Diablo 3 freezing

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vopo Mercredi 18 Juillet 2012 à 18:54


i was able to play it. Since last week im encountering following problems:

1. Sometimes game is freezing after pressing Login Button.
2.If its not freezing after pressing Login, Game is running, then after a while (i stopped the time, but latest after 5 minutes), theres a short stop in sound,
sound goes on and game is freezed while sound goes on.

The Mouse is allways moveable.

After this, the only way to get back is to do a power off and boot again.

There was no hardware or software changa apart from updates.

What i tried yet so far:
-I updatet Wine and PlayonLinux, turned of Energy settings.
-I reinstalled Diablo and Wine and PlayonLinux.
-changed resolution, changed sound settings

System Acer Aspire with ATI 4500 Series 512 MB Ram
Ubuntu 12.04 , Gnome3 no effects, ATI Driver from additional driver package

Which error Logs do you need?
I found none in messages/syslog or the Playonlinux.log (but maybe i looked in the wrong logfile.

Im not shure about the background processes which could probably have affects on Diablo/Wine/PlayonLinux.

should i do  strace or ptrace?

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klischee8 Mercredi 18 Juillet 2012 à 23:10

same here...

Xubuntu 12.04
AMD Phenom x4
ATI HD 4850

newest fglrx driver from ATI site and newest playonlinux

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klischee8 Jeudi 19 Juillet 2012 à 15:32

Same Problem in Linux Mint 13 Mate

Kernel          : Linux 3.2.0-23-generic (x86_64)
Resolution          : 1280x1024 pixels
Vendor          : The X.Org Foundation
Version          : 1.11.3
Monitor 0          : 1280x1024 pixels
Generic Event Extension
Vendor          : Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Renderer          : ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series
Version          : 3.3.11627 Compatibility Profile Context
Direct Rendering          : Yes

seems to be a ATI Driver problem...

if it dont freeze at login it freeze at least after 5 mins ingame or in Auction House

Any advices?
klischee8 Jeudi 19 Juillet 2012 à 18:55

nobody may help?
Tried already all other forum sutff about these problem...

And i dont really wanna buy another graphic card
petch Jeudi 19 Juillet 2012 à 19:45

I heard you need at least Catalyst 12.6; That's all I know, I always avoided ATI on my Linux box :p
klischee8 Jeudi 19 Juillet 2012 à 19:54

ill tried it with the legacy 12.6 x86_64 from ATI site, but still same problems...

Ok, tried it again with newest ATI driver from 17/7/2012 ill could log in but after 3 min of farming ingame again freeze and only way was hard reboot...

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vopo Samedi 21 Juillet 2012 à 2:22

this problem is apearing without changing graphic card or driver.
vopo Mardi 24 Juillet 2012 à 1:52

Its not a resolution so far, but what im doing now or have done so far:
i deainstalled everythinf of wine and playonlinux, purged all conf files and what ive been able to found and i did a complete default install now. actually im installing Diablo 3 and i will tell you what happendend.

Maybe i messsed around with conf files or whatever. i downloaded the new patch today and still same problem.

ill try it in 2 ways. first time i used 256 mb ram for graphadapter, but this time i use 512, as thats what my card can and i played with it.

if its not working i do same procedure again. as i really really dont want to use anything else than linux!

why they not doing a linux client?

vopo Mardi 24 Juillet 2012 à 2:15

ive been thinking about if theres a problem with other software installed or, because i did not install software, i just did updates it may interferers with updates. im thinking about strace/ptrace and save it to a file, so i still got the log after i did that and system hangs.

why theres nobody from playonlinux looking on that issue? i mean im not the only person who got this prob and i would help as much as i can!

vopo Mardi 24 Juillet 2012 à 9:27

Heres some help so you dont need to reboot all the time:

1.install webmin. that will be most easiest for most of you.
2.after installed webmin ( by the way :-) )
go to https://localhost:10000 and login
3. go to System and there > go to System Start and stop or upstart or whatever, should be on the left links on bottom.
look for console, make it active an then go to activate at boot time on the really bottom of the page.
4. do a reboot and look if the consoles are working. they should! i mean they should now work even when diablo crashed.
5 if diablo crashes, do a STRG+ALT F1 and login STRG is for me the very first button on the bottom left side of the keyboard so "very first button on the bootom left" + F1 or whatever you prefer.
6. login and close all the processes you find by
ps -ef | grep -i diablo
ps -ef | grep -i wine

probably the screen could go messy but for me it was allways a sign that i killed the right process.

after that i was able to get back to my screen with STRG+F7 (F7 for me) to get back to
graphical screen.

i will do some further investigations now, why its not working. im still a bit disapointed that we get no programmers help.

i allready did a logfile trace by starting the game on console and do a >asdff.log
but nothing. edit: the log stops and shows no errors..
starting the game with wine in console gave me same probs, even earlier then with play on linux.

i disabled everything on startup/bootup which i did not need.

actually im not sure if i messed up the ati graphics driver but i will try to pin it down.
but i could need some help there as im a security and network guy and do not have so much experience with graphic drivers :-) :-(

anybody got a suggestion what else to log or where to look?

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vopo Mercredi 25 Juillet 2012 à 2:57

I found the problem. if it helps for you:
install lm-sensors and or Psensor and look for the temperature of your hardware.
seems my graphic card and all the other fans got too much dust on it.
temperature is going too high.

and the graphiccard stops working but system is still kinda running.
and the temperature is the reason, why the time when the problem appears is allways different.
not sure why its going so high now - apart from that the temperature around me went up.
so i will try and make my notebook even more cool then it is anyway :-)

vopo Mercredi 25 Juillet 2012 à 3:03

i did a proof of concept
started diablo and it freezed. temp went high. did a reboot and temp is going down now!

thanks to me ;-)

btw.: why did i not thought about that earlier!? the signs have been the same like when a fan is not proper working or broken!
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