Risen2 no direct3d render

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qmax Jeudi 26 Juillet 2012 à 5:23

Distro: Ubuntu 12.04 (amd64)
Video: GeForce GT 220 1Gb
Driver: 295.49
Wine: 1.5.3 (playonlinux), 1.5.9-0ubuntu2~pulse19+build1+rawinput1 (system)
(these are the only where the game launches)

1. no intro and main 3d scene rendered at all :(

2. occasional small scenes works: looting a chest, turning a char in inventory,
but with artefacts like blinking/missing triangles

3. mouse movement do not control camera
this should be fixed with 'rawinput' patch, but does not help,
maybe just because there's no camera at all due to issue 3

4. however, mouse wheel instead of zooming does rotating char (according to cockpit compas)

Tried tweaking, reported by dlambert at