Risen 2 works on wine-1.5.10-rawinput!

runs just great!

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qmax Lundi 13 Aoüt 2012 à 23:36

How to do:

1. install wine-1.5.10+rawinput1 from ppa/foresto
he always makes builds of latest gamepatched wine.

Note: i386 arch required!
If to install wine:amd64 it will end up in architecture mixture hell and random parts wont work. 

2. create empty virtual drive from "config" menu

3. install dxfullsetup
Risen2 requirements states directx9.1x.
i've never meet it. works well under 9.0

4. make dlloverwrite "*dwrite" = "native"  
this it to make steam fonts visible.
"dwrite" without asterisk does not help
"native, builtin" also

5. using "run in this environment" install steam from msi, 
POL scripts fails to install.

If you missed #3-#4:
the bottom button at start window is "use existing account", 
at login window, the leftmost button is "login", 
at license windows leftmost buttons are "accept"
at tray popup menu bottom line is "exit" :)

5. steam anyway fails to complete installation, 
may have to kill it from task manager, 
then start again to complete install.

6. install Risen2, I have dvd.
it reinstalls vcrun2005 and directx anyway.

7. profit.

Still issue with inventory! 
But there's cheet mode available :)