Cannot see GW2 script (testing selected)

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maevus Vendredi 19 Octobre 2012 à 19:56


First of all, apologies for the ridiclous question ! It seems simple but I cant find anything on it - basically, I'm on 4.1.8 and Id like to see if I can run guild wars 2 on xubuntu.

So like many, I'm following instuctions on the wine wiki - but I cant find the guild wars 2 script even when I choose testing. In fact, I don't see any additional scripts when I choose testing ... Is this a bug?

thanks in advance for any input

petch Vendredi 19 Octobre 2012 à 21:07

Fixed on IRC, but for the record: if you just upgraded from 4.0.14 to 4.1.8 (for example), software lists format changed and PlayOnLinux 4.1.8 find itself with lists in the 4.0.14 format; The main symptom is that "testing" scripts do not show up.
The way to fix that is simple: click on the Refresh button to force lists to be overwritten with 4.1.8 format, and the install window should start behaving correctly.
This also "heals" itself the first time lists need to be updated because they changed on the server.