Possable network components missing?

A lot of programs seem to hang up when they connect to the internet

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tavoe Samedi 24 Novembre 2012 à 17:20

I've got a sneaking suspicion I forgot to install something. When I run steam, it works fine until I need to load certain web pages, then it just freaks out and slows down. Same with borderlands 2. Its ok until it tries to connect to the network. Again in League of Legends, things seem to run fine until about halfway through downloading files. Unity 4.0 also seems ok until it attempts to authenticate online (although I think it has other problems). Am I missing something? Is there a wine extension of some kind I have to install to improve playonlinux's network capacities, or is this just the best there is right now?

Also, I have a radeon graphics card. Am I totally screwed?