GOG login doesn't work -Ubuntu 12.04; POL 4.1.8

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ecowan Jeudi 29 Novembre 2012 à 22:03

I want to run Myst, Riven, etc on my Ubuntu 12.04/POL 4.1.8 system.
I have registered with GOG.
I fire up POL, select Install/Games/GOG Riven. Up pops the Install Wizard. I select Next/Download. I enter Name and Password and click Next.
It replies " login failed, try again?"
I have double/triple/quadruple checked my name and password on
Thanks. - Erny
petch Jeudi 29 Novembre 2012 à 22:29
GOG must have modified their session mechanism again recently, breaking automatic download, some time is needed to fix it.

In the meanwhile you can download the GOG files manually and install from local files...

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