MS word (2007) crashing

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aftermathe Vendredi 4 Janvier 2013 à 16:15

I've installed MS word (2007) on Ubuntu (64) 12.04. MS Word runs fine, but I'm current working on a document which refuses to open though I can open the same document in my window OS which is running parallel to Ubuntu. 

The error states there was (or has been) a 'serious error' from the previous time the file was opened. I tried repairing the file with both systems but it doesn't seem to run, I open the file, MS Word crashes (or Q4Wine crashes, which shuts down MS Word-according to the error statement) and creates endless ghost files (one for every crash) but non can be opened. Can you help?

Also, I'm not sure if this is connected to the problem, but I can't run equation editor with the Ubuntu playonlinux Word either (period). Through I can run equation editor without a problem using windows os. This current file contains equations??

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