Fullscreen doesn't work

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Gowler Samedi 5 Janvier 2013 à 15:30

Hi there

i'm trying to run broken sword 3 (GOG), and every time i launch it x11 asks for randr mode. i accept and then just a black screen appears, but there is the intro sound.
if i switch with alt+cmd+a fullscreen mode then appears in the left upper corner a small screen. and often it doesn't work so i have to terminate the programm and play on mac tells me thet BS3 is crashed.
I tried Configure > Wine > Configure wine > desktop > allow window manager to control window (i'm not quite sure if the last two are called like that, i've got the german version)but this doesn't work, either!
i tried this a lot, tried new installings and it worked properly for like 2 times, but i dont know how i got there, must be luck ;)

i've got the same problems with Broken sword 4 and jagged alliance 2(both GOG), too!!
 i have an late 2011 macbook pro 2.4 GHz Intel Quadcore i7 and running OS X 10.8.2
play on mac version is 4.1.8.

It would be great if you have any clues :)