League of Legends Problem

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Virakon Samedi 2 Février 2013 à 14:40


 I've seen quite a few posts about the LoL client crashing, but I've read through them and still can't seem to figure out how to get it fixed. I have downloaded and installed the game, and can get into the home page bit and talk to people there. However, as soon as I try to start a game, the screen goes black, the loading screen does not start up, and I get the "Bug Splat" thing which immediately ends any chances of it loading. Also, I have problems with the sound every now and then, which I heard could be something to do with this. I get this in my logs: 

fixme:ras:RasEnumConnectionsW (0x137540,0x15cfd260,0x76c623e4),stub!
fixme:ras:RasEnumConnectionsW RAS support is not implemented! Configure program to use LAN connection/winsock instead!

Followed by lots of stuff on this. 

Any idea how I can get this fixed?

Virakon Samedi 2 Février 2013 à 14:41

Sorry for the double post, misclick
Virakon Samedi 2 Février 2013 à 14:48

Also, I am using Wine 1.5.12