HoMM3 HD issue

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scrub Dimanche 3 Février 2013 à 14:03


I have HoMM3 working. I tried to install and run HoMM3 HD, but the patched executable acts exactly the same as the normal executable. Here are my steps:
(1) installed HoMM3 HD 3.28f
(2) ran the launcher
(3) set resolution to 1366x768
(4) created HD exe
(5) ran Heroes3 HD.exe
and the result looked and acted exactly like Heroes3.exe (works fine on Windows 7).

My system specs:
-Linux Mint 13 Xfce 64-bit
-PlayOnLinux 4.1.9 and PlayOnLinux 4.1.10-dev (tested both)
-Wine 1.3.19 and 1.5.23 (tested both)
-HoMM3 HD 3.28f version of HoMM3

Has anyone been able to run HoMM3 HD successfully? What is your setup?

petch Dimanche 3 Février 2013 à 14:37


Have you tried running the game from the launcher instead of generating an executable?

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scrub Dimanche 3 Février 2013 à 19:39

Wow, I did not realize you could do that. I just assumed it would launch the unpatched  version of the game. In Windows 7 it launches the HD version, look at that :)

In Linux, my testing indicates that it only works with wine 1.5.16 and above.

Because of the mouse issue I had, I tried out all of the workarounds mentioned in this test report. All worked.

There is currently no Wine AppDB page for HoMM3 HD so I asked the maintainer if it's appropriate to have one. In the meantime, can you or anyone else confirm my test results?

I appreciate your help!

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petch Dimanche 3 Février 2013 à 20:02

On the other hand you requested that I downgrade the Wine version used in scripts to 1.3.19:

Now I'm a bit lost, what should I do :p

So, you confirm that disabling "Allow the window manager to control windows" works so that I can use a recent Wine version?

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scrub Dimanche 3 Février 2013 à 22:07

Yeah, sorry about that!

Can you change wine settings in an installation script? If you can, my suggestion would be to have the HoMM3 script use Wine 1.5.16 or higher as long as you can deselect the wine setting "allow the window manager to control windows". It worked for a few people that posted in the bug report as well as me. This would allow both HoMM3 and HoMM3 HD to both work.

A caveat from the bug report: "This option only works when the game is running in full screen 800X600." This does not affect the HD mod (you can still change resolution successfully) and this should not affect the solution unless someone tries to do something unusual.

I don't think setting a virtual desktop is the best solution because you need to supply a resolution; you would have to force everyone to accept the same resolution.

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petch Dimanche 3 Février 2013 à 23:05

Ok, upped Wine version to 1.5.16 and disabled managed windows by default.
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