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PlayOnMacI'd like to learn more about PlayOnMacWhat is PlayOnMac ?

What is PlayOnMac ?

PlayOnMac is like wineskin, winebottler or crossover a piece of sofware which allows you to easily install and use numerous games and softwares designed to run with Microsoft®'s Windows®.

What are PlayOnMac's features?

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the interesting points to know:

  • You don't have to own a Windows® license to use PlayOnMac.
  • PlayOnMac is based on Wine, and so profits from all its possibilities yet it keeps the user away from its complexity while exploiting some of its advanced functions.
  • PlayOnMac is a free software.
  • PlayOnMac uses Bash and Python

Nevertheless, PlayOnMac has some defects, as every piece of software:

  • Not all games are supported. Nevertheless, you can use our manual installation module.

A few screenshots of PlayOnMac


PlayOnMacI'd like to download PlayOnMacLatest version : 4.2.2

Download PlayOnMac

The latest version of PlayOnMac is : 4.2.2
To get this version, go on the download page

PlayOnMacI'd like to learn how to use PlayOnMacWhere can I get help?

Learn how to use PlayOnMac

You can read the documentation or ask for help on the forums

PlayOnMacI'd like to help PlayOnMacWhat can I do to help PlayOnMac's team ?

Help the projet

There are many ways by which you can hep the team. You can :

  • Write some news and send them to the newsers or the administrators
  • Help the other users on the forums
  • Send your installation script
PlayOnMacI'd like to read the latest newsThe ten latest news
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