Moraff's Morejongg for Windows Version 7.0


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For those that know this game, you also would know it was bought out in 1998.

I am a Windows User and have been Using it on Every version of Windows up untill the Current Windows 10.

I don't have to Install it, just copy the folder anywhere I want it and simply Execute the Morejong.exe And it Works.

Now I am Testing UBUNTU 18.04.1 , and Trying to get it to work by Using Play on Linx.

No such luck so far.

I Copied the Folder ( Morejong ) to my Download Folder in Ubuntu.

Then tried to Install it in Play on Linux by Telling it to Use the Morejong.exe File, ( there is no Install or Setup File ).

After going through the setup procedure, Play on Linux Finishes but does Not Create any Games Directory/Folder.

I had some Partial success some months back when I was testing, it did fininsh and created a directory, but then the game would not run, it displayed some warning message, but gave me No method for fixing it up.

Someone suggested installing windows in a VM, then Run the game from within that.

Any help would be appreciated

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