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Problems caused by Steam update

Sunday 8 December 2013 at 15:31

Hi everybody,

As most of you has noticed, the latest steam update has broken PlayOnLinux and PlayOnMac support.

Indeed, 3 december 2013 steam updates causes problems with wine.

A new wine version (1.7.8) was released yesterday (Friday 6th december), fixing the issue.

Most of your games should work with this version.

Nevertheless, some games require patched wine versions. For those cases, we don't have a solution yet. We are working on rebuilding each of those patched versions with wine 1.7.8, but it can take time. We also need time to adapt PlayOnLinux/PlayOnMac scripts to this wine version, because some game are not fully compatible.

To use wine 1.7.8 for a game you've already installd (only for games that do not require patches) :
Open PlayOnLinux/PlayOnMac -> Click on configure button -> Select the game (left column) -> Install wine 1.7.8 if needed, by clicking "+" button -> Select wine 1.7.8  -> Close the window.
You can now try to run your game, it should work.

Note: Patched wine version have a name after the version :
1.7.1 = Unpatched version
1.5.7-vertex_shader = Patched version

In case of question, don't hesitate to post on the forum. You can also ask for a patched 1.7.8 wine version.

If you want to help us, you can still help us to test steam games with recent wine version, and tell us if it works, so that we can update scripts.

Thank you