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PlayOnMac 1.2

Thursday 30 April 2009 at 11:23

Hello Everyone!

Here is the new version 1.2 of PlayOnMac. Important changes have occurred to ensure better compatibility of Windows programs on Mac OS 10.5.

So what is new?

Beginning of an OpenGL support

An X server is integrated in the PalyOnMac package as the version provided by Apple doesn't allow the support of applications in OpenGL. Right, PlayOnMac launches a recent version of Xquartz permitting some 3D applications to run.
A version of wine that has been compiled to work with this X server replaces the previously distributed version.

Here is a screenshot of Xquartz in action :
[box title=OpenGL_with_PlayOnMac][/box]

Of course, there still are limits :
- Games don't run in full screen yet. For this reason, scripters will have to add FixOSXOpenGL to their scrip to configure the application and make sure the application doesn't launch in full screen.
- Some games that worked perfectly on Linux don't work well
- The mouse is not restricted to the wine window in some game, which can be distracting.

PlayOnMac is, to my knowledge, the only simple and free way to run windows applications on Mac.

A new logo

PlayOnMac's logo has been replaced. It is inspired by the new PlayOnLinux's logo

Various bug fixes

- Display of the application's name during the installation
- The fonts are bigger, the application is much nicer to look at
- The left image of the installer have been changed
- A bug at the creation of a prefix that blocked some installations has been fixed

Here is a screenshot :
[box title=PlayOnMac_12][/box]

Download :

NOTE: PlayOnMac doesn't work with OSX 10.4. You must have at least Leopard to be able to use PlayOnMac.

A new version of PlayOnLinux will be out soon to update the new logo and fix a few bugs

By Tinou