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PlayOnLinux 3.7.3

Sunday 14 February 2010 at 19:13

Hi everybody !

PlayOnLinux 3.7.3 is now available !

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What's new for the users ?

- PlayOnLinux automatically extract icons during the installation process to use them in the main menu.
- A bug corrected preventing user from changing a program icon
- Few translations were corrected
- Definitive correction (we hope) of $PROGRAMFILES variable problem. Script are being rewritten.
- PlayOnLinux is now available in Greek (Thank you kapcom01)

A little bit more technical for the scriptors ...

- POL_LoadVar_PROGRAMFILES was created to assign the name of Program Files directory to $PROGRAMFILES variable. In few case, when the directory was called "Program Files", the following commande returned %ProgramFiles% instead of the real name, and it was the cause of many bugs in all the scrpts.
wine cmd /c echo "%ProgramFiles%"

- POL_LoadVar_PROGRAMFILES is automatically called on prefix creating. There is no need to use it in the scripts, we just need to erase old lines that cause bugs. To be sure that the scripts will be compatible with the old version, we started to replace

PROGRAMFILES=`wine cmd /c echo "%ProgramFiles%" |tr -d '\015' | tr -d '\010'`

by :

PROGRAMFILES="Program Files" 

- When you make a shortcut with POL_SetupWindow_make_shortcut, if the icon argument is empty, POL will try to extract the icon from the exe file and use it.

Enjoy !


PS. A new version of PlayOnMac is also available, and compatible with Snow Leopard