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The new English section of PlayOnLinux is open !

Tuesday 6 November 2007 at 23:54

Bonjour tout le monde !

Hey all !

We are very proud to open this new English section of PlayOnLinux. But you may want to know a little more about POL first.

As hardcore Linux users, we meet the same issues as most of the gamers: games are not -or rarely- developped for Linux. WineHQ, the famous "layer" that allows to install on Linux software designed for Microsoft Windows is the OpenSource tool we like to use. But still, Wine doesn't provide a user friendly interface that makes things easy. Yet.

This project we called POL is designed to make things even easier. You may compare it to the well known "Installshield Wizard" of Windows. Just answer a few questions like the type of software you wish to install (a game, an expansion, a patch...), choose it in the ever-growing list, clic and relax until everything is done for you.

To be noticed, we are also developing an interesting arm in the POL project named WOL (WorkOnLinux). This is the path to install pure Windows software such as Microsoft Office 2003 or Notepad++ for instance. Yes, there are equivalent OpenSource tools to those, that's true. But it is important that we aim at a full compatibility between the two OS. Indeed, Microsoft Office is, aside games, the other thing that keeps people running Windows as the main operating system, despite everybody knows now that Linux is virus-free, defragmentation-free, easier to use, faster, respects the international rules, etc, etc.

We'd be glad to meet you on the forum to answer any question you may have, discuss about POL or else, as we also opened an English section on it.

Please be welcome here!