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Some news for your scripts

Thursday 8 February 2018 at 5:30

Hi everyone,

In these early 2018, a new feature is available for all scriptwriters that should make user experience more enoyable. Until today, the settings for the wine virtual desktop was hard coded in the script. Two users have therefore proposed a new script allowing scriptwriters to ask the user for these settings.

This script is currently in testing to ensure that it works properly but will be validated soon. We invite scriptwriters to replace Set_Desktop by a call to the new script like that :

POL_Call POL_Function_SetResolution

Thanks to lahtis and LinuxScripter ^^


In addition, some of you may have experienced problems with the Microsoft font installation. The script has been updated and the problem should be fixed. If you've used it recently and have problems with the fonts, you can try to reinstall them via the configuration menu ;)