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Some new for WorkOnLinux

Saturday 15 December 2007 at 23:44

Good evening everybody,

This evening, I will tell you more about a tool I started to develop for WorkOnLinux.


After using WorkOnLinux with miscellaneous softwares, I realized that Wine's interface was pretty unpleasant to use.

Why? Simply because we can't say that widgets are very esthetics.

So I created this little tool.

Here is its operation:

1 - It will ask you to choose a Wine prefixes
2 - It will ask you to choose a theme
3 - It will makes your software nicer

For the moment, the only existing theme is : Blue

A little screenshot is better than a long explanation


For next releases, I will add some themes or I will create a system that will allow members to post their themes.


Then, use the "Run" PlayOnLinux's function.

By Tinou