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PlayOnLinux need newsers

Sunday 16 December 2007 at 17:38


Currently, Ghostofkendo is the only newser. By the way I want to congratulate him. Indeed, he writes complete newses and then traduces them in English himself (because he is french). But, and I understand him very well, he don't always has time to manage everything alone. It's the reason for which we will recruit newsers.

What used to do a newser?

The newser writes newses:

They could be more or less long and could cover various themes like:

- Version's releases for Wine, for drivers, etc.

- Video games in general.

- Linux in general.

- Computing in general.

- etc...

The newser moderate: If necessary, he distribute sanctions to those who don't respect comment posting rules.

The newser has right to a nice little image, matching to the last PlayOnLinux's design:

Availability et required qualities

Newsers will have to write at least one news a week.

Newsers have to be able to write with a correct orthography.

Becoming newser

Just send me a private message indicating your availabilities and your motivations.

We are looking for two or three newsers for the moment.

Thanks in advance

Thanks to Ghostofkendo for the translation