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Unreal Tournament 3 server for Linux available

Thursday 20 December 2007 at 0:02

As he announced it on his website, Ryan Gordon, alias Icculus, the Epic Games studio's Linux specialist, the Linux server for Unreal tournament is available to download.
The game's client version isn't necessary to host UT 3 matches.
It's a 1.6 Gb executable binary package, build from 1.1 version of the game but it's compatible with all client versions.


You will find the md5sum and mirrors list at announce page's bottom:

But, still no release date in view for the UT 3 client's Linux version.
Moreover, contradicting some rumors about the Linux client version delay, the website teaches us that AGEIA, the society which sells well-named PhysiX physic acceleration cards, contradict any legal issues linked to their technologie. From now on, we can more probably speculate about a problem with GameSpy.
To return to AGEIA and their PhysiX, we can comfort ourselves by remembering us that AGEIA support Linux for their Software Development Kit (SDK) and even better: they planned to ship a Linux driver for their PhysiX PPU (PPU = Physics Processing Unit).

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