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Balanced Annihilation version 5.91

Thursday 20 December 2007 at 18:47

The Balanced Annihilation game has been updated to 5.91 version. It's a mod (understand a modification of an original game) of the multiplayer RTS (understand a real time strategy game) TASpring, itself having for goal to recreate the gaming experience of Total Annihilation in a free game. The story, taking place in a Science-fiction universe, could be summarized thus:
"Total Annihilation direct, in a far away futur, two enemy factions, the Core and the Arm, which clash in a thousand-year-old combat for the galaxy's domination.
In the beginning, the Core was an organization which aims to settle the largest possible number of planets, for the humanity's well-being. Howover, in order to free them from human being's limitations, they tried a massive transfer of brains in machines and caused a rebellion movement named the Arm.
After four milleniums of fights, the confrontation between the two organizations degenerated at the point to ruin the resources of all the galaxy after having destroyed million planets. At the game's begin, this war couldn't have any other exit than a complete annihilation of the opponent. That's with this minimalist argument a merciless fight starts."



This update brings an important number of changes:

- Added Defense Range V3.1, by verybadsoldier
- Added Healthbars widget by jK
- Added Customformations widget by jK
- Added unit_mex_upgrader.lua by BigHead
- Increased Juggernaut's Mass
- Decreased Sumo's range, this also effects MohoExploiter and Doomsday machine
- Nukes will no longer collide with Friendly units (so it wont go BOOM above your base, when it hits a fighter :P),
- Added an image needed for the buildbar widget.
- Fixed Rapier and Blade missile's
- Arm Destroyer slighty more DPS (7%)
- Nerfed Doomsday Armour 5% to 8%
- Consul begins building faster now, thanks Krogoth86
- Replaced Adv Fusion models with the CA models, Thanks Saktoth
- Added Some lights on some factory's a la CA.
- Added LUPS, which adds some effects to certain units, Many thanks go out to jK for making LUPS
- Necro and rector will leave a corpse now.
- Removed corpses which aren't needed.
- New set of Loadscreens
- Levithan/Serpent are Battle subs now
- Sharks/Piranha's are Sub Killers now
- Flagship Range Increased.
- Reduced Costs of Anti-Air ships
- And a lot of other changes.


You can download Balanced Annihilation 5.91,and see the complete changlog, by clicking on this button:

For more infos: see The Spring Project's website.

Sources : & The Spring Project & & Wikipedia Fr.