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Secret Maryo Chronicles 1.4 released

Sunday 23 December 2007 at 11:54

Today, we have right to an update of Secret Maryo Chronicles, a free two-dimensional platform game in a pure old school style. The name and the graphics of this game are pointing out a legendary platform game with an Italian plumber to you? It's Normal, since Secret Maryo Chronicles was using similar sprites at the beginning but despite his past, it's absolutely not a Super Mario clone. The story, the characters and the enemies are different.

But let's go back to this news subject, the brand new 1.4 version and its brought changes:
- New sprites (jungle plant, etc.)
- An image cache for a faster loading, notably during levels starts or the level editor loading.
- Bug fixes like crashs of in the settings of the level editor or fireplants not displayed in itembox.

to see the complete and detailed changelog, go HERE.


Packages for different distributions, for Windows, and sources are available on this page. BEWARE! Musics aren't wtih the game, they are in a compressed archive to unpack in the game folder, except for Gentoo, Debian, and Slackware packages.

Official website: