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PlayOnLinux 2.0.5 released

Sunday 23 December 2007 at 23:49

Hello everybody,

Today on PlayOnLinux, it's Christmas before the day And for present, here is the 2.0.5 version of your favorite software to play on GNU/Linux. Here are the brought changes.

The expert menu is now named tools

I hope to not disturb you too much with this huge change, but the expert word didn't incite peoples to use this menu. And it's a pity with all the functions that it can bring to PlayOnLinux.

Wine Look in the tools menu

Wine Look is a brand new tool for WorkOnLinux. Actually, it's the new name of WolTheme. I benefited from it to improve it.
You have now choice between 5 themes (for the moment):
- Default
- Green
- LightBlue
- Ubuntu Human
- Blue

Click on a theme to see a preview

New functionalities for scritpers

navigateur "http://page"
Opens the user's browser.

OpenWineLookBox "Steam"

Opens the "theme choice" window. In the present case, the theme will be apply to the Steam prefixes.

Translation of the PlayOnLinux's functions

Our friends, the English-speaking scripters will be delighted. They can script in English since PlayOnLinux 2.0.5.

error is equivalent to erreur
warning is equivalent to attention
run_and_wait is equivalent to attendre
download is equivalent to telecharger
select_file is equivalent to selectionner_fichier
show_file is equivalent to afficher_fichier


.deb and .tar.gz packages are ready, .rpm ones are on the way.
Here is the dowload page:

By Tinou