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Nokia acquires Trolltech

Monday 28 January 2008 at 22:25

This is with a common agreement that societies Nokia and Trolltech validated today the buyout of the second one by the first's. The world leader of mobile phones sells bought the multi-platform development frameworks specialized company, creator of Qt, in order to accelerate the development of his cross-platform software deployment strategy.

Okay but this buyout will not it threaten KDE (Qt based)?

Happyly, it doesn't seem to be the case because we can read in the official announce on the TRolltech's web site that Nokia embraces this open source technology culture founded by Trolltech and they will keep it. They will keep the licensing Trolltech technology under both commercial and open source licenses.

The only changes directly caused by this operation is the arrival of Nokia as a "Patron" (Companies or persons financing KDE) of KDE e.V. (the legal organization of the KDE project)