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A bug tracker is available

Sunday 1 August 2010 at 23:51

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Hi everybody,

Today, PlayOnLinux open its bug trackers

Some indications

- It supports differents projects (PlayOnLinux software, website, scripts)
- It is designed to work with the scripts. PlayOnLinux might have a crash manager integrated to this bug tracker in the future
- No need to re-register if you have an account on PlayOnLinux' website
- Every language are allowed. However, you will get a better support in French or in English

Why do we code our own Bug Tracker

I spent time searching an adapted bug tracker. I wanted it to be integrable to the website (for the scripts, and to allows members to have a single account). Redmine was pretty adapted, but it's coded in ruby, so it is difficult to install on debian, and it needs new apache extensions which take resources
For the moment, the bug tracker is simple, but it might be enough for a start

Access to the bug tracker