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Terms of use

Piracy, illegal cases

PlayOnMac is against piracy. The user requesting help with software is committed not to use a pirated version. It is also forbidden to the members to provide or ask for any help about how to workarounds protections implemented by the publisher. It is the same about unofficial copies of installation media as CD images. In cases where software requires the circumvention of protection established by the publisher to work with PlayOnMac, PlayOnMac will not be able in any case to help you. In addition, this approach will be entirely your responsibility.

Other illegal cases (such as pornography, racism or muckraking) are also prohibited.


Even if we monitor closely the site's content, PlayOnMac can not be held responsible for any damage to your computer when you use content downloaded from the website.

Posted content

Anyone attempting to post malicious content on the site (installers or malwares) is subject to a permanent ban without warnings.

By posting content on the website, you agree that it is licensed under the GPLv3, unless explicitly specified by you.

The team of PlayOnMac reserves the right to do delete any content on the website.

Politeness, courtesy

PlayOnMac is a free and open-source project. It works only on a voluntary basis. The team members are willing to assist users on their free time. It is therefore possible that you do not always get your answers immediately. Consequently, it is prohibited to launch a "up" on an issue within 24 hours after sending the last message.

You must respect basic rules of politeness. "Hello" at the beginning of the subject, and a thank you would improve our willing to help you.

Insults are forbidden on the site.

Spelling, language

In order to be readable by everyone as quickly as possible, you must write with a proper spelling. Specially , post written in SMS language are automatically deleted.

It is imperative to respect the language of the forum where you are (You must write in French on the French forum, English on the English forum.).

Controversial topics

It is strictly forbidden to post controversy subject ("Trolls"). Meaningful criticisms against a software (or a brand, a type of software) are also prohibited. For instance, every messages including words as such as "Windobe" or "Micro$oft" will be closed.

Before posting

Ensure you are writting on the good forum

In every forum, there are highlighted topics, marked with a sticky. Reading these is mandatory before posting a message in this forum.

You must do a research before asking for help. For example, you must ensure that there are no other topic about your problem before posting

You shall not be off-topic

Numerous accounts

It is forbidden to a member to create more than one account.

Spam, flood, ads

Spam, flood and ads are forbidden. The website contains an antispam system which may ban you if you use the site to flood or to spam.

In case of non-compliance with the stated rules above, PlayOnMac reserves the right to ban you from every servers (Forum, chat, download of installers from the software).