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mint 13 pol issues

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pooter Tuesday 8 April 2014 at 0:19

i am having trouble running diablo 3 on pol, i have had it working before but that was linux lite, and since then i had to re-install a new distro so given that i have a lenovo g580 32 bit with no pae, i have managed to install mint 13! i have downloaded the diablo v2 and 3 like i had last time also 1.5.5 and 1.7.13 and everytime i try to start the game it either goes to a black screen displaying the taskbar and freezes. or i get i have to update my graphics card, which is a sandy bridge mobile 2 for xp. i should also add that when i got this computer it had windows 8 installed and i had erased windows to install linux to gain more hdd space. so my question is with the new update from blizzard i managed to install using the app and it installs but i can't seem to access the game directly. so can anyone help with either a pol solution or a way to update my intel drivers. i am running linuxmint 13 xfce verssion 32 bit.